Who are we?

At IMS Datawise, we understand how back-office work could occupy your resources

IMS Datawise has served in the industry for several years now. We started our journey by successfully catering to property preservation and inspection companies with high-quality data audit services. Today, we have successfully transformed ourselves into a Workflow Management company which means that any of your operations that has a pre-established and fixed process could be outsourced to us. We provide trained resources for Data auditing, Voice-based, Accounting, Data Capturing, and other services.

When we onboard a client, we


Understand your process
Your Process


Train our Staff
Train our Staff


Create SOPs and Guidelines
Create SOPs
and Guidelines


Implementation and Execution
and Execution

Awards and Certifications


Quality Audit of Property Inspection
Work Orders

Analysis of the photos by trained resources to verify if the property is vacant
or occupied.

Quality Audit and Bid Processing of
Property Preservation Work Orders

Analysis of the maintenance work carried out in the property, vendor
management, report submissions, data entry, etc

Title Search Services

Capture the details of the property from the registry documents, check the title
search charges, create invoices, etc.

And more….

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We form authentic relationships with Property Management Companies to deliver
bespoke real estate back-office services, which ensures that even the most demanding
property inspection and auditing work is carried out with precision. We are proud to be
a part of IMS Group – a global conglomerate with a range of businesses that deliver
global workforce solutions by being progressive, agile, and socially responsible.

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