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Auditing and Appraisals

Audit and appraise your property with ease

Order Creation, Assignment, and Follow-up

Streamline order creation, assignment, and follow-up

Processing and Estimate Creations

Simplify processing and bid creations

Business Development and Building Contractor Network

Expand your business with practical development strategies. Build your contractor network for hassle-free projects.

Client/Contractor Communications

Enhance client/contractor communications for efficient work

Customer Service Center

Manage your call center operations seamlessly

Utility Activation / De-Activation (for mortgage industry)

Facilitate utility activation and de-activation for your convenience

Vacant Property Registration (for mortgage industry)

Ensure timely registration of vacant properties

Code Enforcement / Municipal Inspector Communication (for mortgage industry)

Stay on top of code enforcement, and communicate with municipal inspectors seamlessly

Highlighting Vehicle Specifications (for automobile industry)

Capture the attention of potential buyers by providing a detailed understanding of the vehicle’s features