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Ashok Vithlani is a part of the Sales and Marketing industry for more than four decades. From being a selling agent for a variety of products to climbing all the way to the top as Director for the Polad Group of Companies, his journey is embedded with hard work, determination, and self-belief. He was also the CEO of Rasna, India’s largest-selling soft drink concentrate, carrying it from local market to national and international markets, and converting it into an esteemed brand. Since then, he is successfully contributing to launching marketing communication plans for numerous products and brands. Today, he is a proficient business speaker, and an expert who is a part of the BOD panel of several companies. He was also a Board member of Mudra Communications, one of India’s leading advertising agencies, for 20 years. Right from providing consultation to various national and international organisations, he assists businesses and students acquire knowledge of marketing communications and branding.

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In his journey of 25 years, Amit Somaiya has consistently showcased his ability and potential to understand, and bring value to an extensive variety of business interests across diverse fields. With 18 years of offshoring expertise, he’s an industry luminary who built an organisation from scratch, now thriving with a 3,000-strong team. His business spans 40 countries, serving over 200 diverse clients and specialties worldwide.

His interest, experience, and expertise in an array of business specialisms have enabled him to make a significant impact throughout his career path. His skills have helped in driving foreign direct investments into multiple modern-day organisations and start-ups.

Known for his exceptional people skills and strategic acumen, his ability to connect with and inspire teams, coupled with his tactical thinking, has been instrumental in the organisation’s remarkable journey of growth and success.

He asserts in his own words, "Innovation in our culture; Passion in our hearts! We strive to bring cutting-edge solutions that help our clients deliver business excellence."