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IMS Datawise offers more than just outsourced quality auditing. We form solid, long-lasting partnerships with Property Management Companies to deliver truly bespoke real estate property preservation quality audit outsourcing services, allowing them to process and carry out even the most challenging and complex inspection and auditing work.


Quality Audit of Inspection Work Orders

Here at IMS Datawise, our all-encompassing property inspection quality audit, tracking and reporting offers a secure solution to property inspection data handling, ensuring orders are processed with the highest degree of care and accuracy.

We provide Property Inspection Quality Audits that are catered to your exact business needs. Our industry leading experts audit work orders as well as carry out many essential areas of property preservation, like valuation summaries, locating and processing maintenance work orders, interpreting and analysing inspection and crew reports, downloading, arranging, labelling and processing photos and bids etc.

Quality Audit & Bid Processing of Preservation Work Orders

One of the most integral parts of your business which is often mismanaged or incorrectly processed.

Property preservation quality audits are no doubt one of the most arduous of tasks and getting it wrong can seriously impact your ROI, clients, and company reputation. The good news? Auditing of Preservation Work Orders and Bid Processing can be outsourced, leaving you and your team to focus on what you do best and that is Partner Management.

Our team of dedicated experts provide property preservation quality audit solutions efficiently, on time, with exceptional service. This allows our clients to grow their business for the future.

- Mobile Application

Tool for sourcing Property Preservation Vendors & Jobs

Where the biggest Property Preservation companies and the best vendors gather in an exciting and competitive online marketplace.

Property Preservation services are challenging and highly crucial. We know! If you’re a Property Preservation company based in the USA, having a long list of jobs for a variety of specializations and professionals, then we know exactly what you want. On the other hand, delivering expert services to demanding Property Preservation companies is a tough task. We know! If you’re a vendor or a company expertly delivering one or multiple Property Preservation services on a regular basis, then we know exactly what you want.

Upkeep is designed and developed so that the right companies connect with the right vendors to deliver brilliant property management services. Negotiations become easy and managing tasks effortless.

Key Strengths

Focus on detail, resulting in accuracy levels of near 100%

Data analytics for your business process

Skilled resources ensuring high performance

Around-the-clock team deployment, ensuring work-order submission